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  4. Adopting a Rescue Dog - The First Seven Days

  5. Adopting a Shelter Dog

  6. Adopting an adult dog from a shelter.

  7. Archived Ad

  8. Are purchases made on covered by Buyer Protection Program?

  9. Available Ad Placement Options

  10. Available Breeder Subscription Plans

  11. Avoiding Scam

  12. Buying Puppies Safely Online!

  13. Common Scams

  14. Confirm a Reciprocal URL

  15. Contacting a Seller

  16. Do I lose my verification status if I cancel my breeder profile?

  17. Do I need to register on in order to post?

  18. Do you require Identity Verification from all sellers?

  19. Does prescreen its breeders?

  20. Editing Your Listing

  21. Featured Ad

  22. Finding a dog

  23. Finding a good dog breeder

  24. How can I include images in my ad?

  25. How can I make changes to my ad?

  26. How Do I add my breeder profile to your breeder directory?

  27. How do I add email addresses to my safe senders list in my email client (or my security software)?

  28. How Do I add more images to my listing

  29. How Do I Cancel My Profile

  30. How Do I Cancel My Subscription Plan

  31. How do I change my email address?

  32. How Do I Close or Delete Account

  33. How do I post an ad on

  34. How do I promote my Ad to "Featured" or "Premium"

  35. How do I reply to an ad?

  36. How do I report an ad that is against's policies?

  37. How long do ads stay on

  38. How many times can I try to verify my identity?

  39. How to Add, Remove, Delete Favorites

  40. How to find your listing.

  41. How to recognize phishing email messages, links, or phone calls

  42. How to reply to potential buyer inquiry

  43. How to sell puppies: tips for breeders

  44. I am getting an error when I try to pay for a feature. Help!

  45. I am receiving spam. What should I do?

  46. I am searching for my ad using a keyword I put in the ad description but I cannot find it

  47. I Failed ID Verification what do I do next?

  48. I forgot my password. Can you reset it?

  49. Identity Verification on

  50. If I delete an ad I promoted will I be reimursed?

  51. If I edit my ad will it still be promoted?

  52. If I have verified for one account, can I use verified status for another account on

  53. Is right for my business?

  54. More Tips of Buying a Puppy or Dog Online? Read These Safety Tips First!

  55. My ad was deleted. Will my fees be reimbursed?

  56. Pausing your Breeder Profile

  57. Profile Contact Information

  58. Profile Reporting Tools

  59. Puppy Buyers Guide

  60. Privacy Policy

  61. Terms and Conditions

  62. Reasons Breeders Sell Dogs Online

  63. Steps for Finding Reputable Dog Breeders

  64. Suspected Scam Emails

  65. Tips For Adopting a Dog Online

  66. Top 10 tips for adopting a dog successfully.

  67. Top Tips for Seller Success

  68. What is Profile Priority Listing

  69. What is Profile Rank Display

  70. What payment methods are accepted?

  71. What type of paid ad features do you offer & what are the costs?

  72. Where is my ad?

  73. Why advertise on

  74. Why have I not received a posting confirmation email?

  75. Why you are not receiving the emails

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