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Advantages of becoming ID Verified

IDVerified establishes your proof of identity, which helps both buyers and sellers feel confident dealing with each other.
The ID Verified Icon in a member's profile shows that they have been verified.
ID Verified Member is able to enjoy all free and paid features of the site.

How IDVerified Works

We contract with a third party company, Veratad Technologies, to confirm your identity by cross checking your contact information against consumer and business databases. 

Veratad’s identity verification solution, uses multiple trusted and verified data sources containing billions of public records to return an identity validation of online customer in sub-second time while maintaining the highest level of consumer privacy.

If anybody is concerned with privacy, all information that you submit via integrated forms is sent through an encrypted 128-bit SSL connection (secure) and no information you give to  is stored on our computers after the process of verification has completedl.

The information you provide to and the third party company is used for verification porposes only. The IDVerified process is not a credit check and has no effect on your credit rating. 

  • $3.95 One Lifetime Fee
  • Takes less than a minute
  • No sensitive information required
  • Completely secure

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