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  1. General 

    1. About
    2. Is right for my business?
    3. Featured VS. VIP Placement, and can or should they be used together?
  2. Searching, Researching & Buying 

    1. Finding a dog
    2. How to find your listing.
  3. Buying Tips 

    1. Buying Puppies Safely Online!
    2. Finding a good dog breeder
    3. Steps for Finding Reputable Dog Breeders
    4. More Tips of Buying a Puppy or Dog Online? Read These Safety Tips First!
    5. Reasons Breeders Sell Dogs Online
  4. Selling Tips 

    1. Top Tips for Seller Success
    2. How to sell puppies: tips for breeders
    3. Puppy Shipping Companies
  5. How Do I... 

    1. How Do I Cancel My Subscription Plan
    2. How Do I Close or Delete Account
    3. How Do I Cancel My Profile
    4. How Do I add my breeder profile to your breeder directory?
    5. How do I post an ad on
  6. Plans & Pricing 

    1. Available Breeder Subscription Plans
    2. Available Ad Placement Options
    3. What type of paid ad features do you offer & what are the costs?
  7. Billing Questions 

    1. Pre Authorization - Pending Charge
  8. Identity Verification 

    1. Identity Verification on
    2. I Failed ID Verification what do I do next?
    3. How many times can I try to verify my identity?
    4. Do I lose my verification status if I cancel my breeder profile?
  9. Online Fraud 

    1. Common Scams
    2. Avoiding Scam
    3. Suspected Scam Emails
    4. How to recognize phishing email messages, links, or phone calls
    5. I am receiving spam. What should I do?
  10. All articles 

    1. How Do I Cancel My Subscription Plan
    2. Finding a dog
    3. Common Scams
    4. Why advertise on
    5. Pausing your Breeder Profile
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