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What type of paid ad features do you offer & what are the costs? offers different types of paid features: Featured Ad, Premium Ad, Ad Highlight, and Ad Border, Picture Plus, Ad Title in Bold, Ad Push, Ad Extend, Unlimited Photos, Unlimited Videos, Litter Posting, ID Verification . Each offers different advantages which help give your ads more visibility and helps them get more responses. Paid features may veri depending on your subscription porile plan and/or ad duration period. Below is a breakdown of each feature:

All prices are based on 30 day ad duration period.

View full ad pricing info and options here.

Featured Ad 

Featured ads have the highest priority placement on all search result pages. They are featured on Homepage and on highly visible sections of the website. One Featured ad is included with Gold Plan at no charge as long as the gold subscription is active. Feature Ad upgrade option fee is $9.95 for all other verified members. 

Premium Ad 
Have high priority listing, appearing above basic verified and non-verified ads. They are also randomly displayed on side bars of numerous pages. The Premium Icon help your ad stands out on the search results pages. One Premium ad is included with Silver Plan at no charge as long as the silver subscription is active. Premium ad upgrade option fee is $5.95 for all other verified members.

Get maximum attention and more replies. 
Background Accent/Highlight - your ad gets an eye-catching background in site search results to make it stand out. Standard fee is $0.95/mo

Get maximum attention and more replies. 
Showcase your Ad in site search results with a colored border. Standard fee is $0.95/mo

ID Verified 
Most trusted ads.

Picture Plus

Attract viewers with the larger version of your listing image in search results. 145x104 (standard) vs. 263x189 (picture plus). Standard fee is $0.95 for 30 days.

Title in Bold Text
Set your Ad apart in search results by displaying your title in bold. Standard fee is $0.95/mo

Help people find your ad, move to the top of search result page within your category at any time! Standard fee is $0.95/push

Ad Extend 
This option allows to extend ad duration for another 30 days. Standard fee is 1.95/30 days

Unlimited Photos 
Ad Unlimited Photos to your ad for just $0.95

Unlimited Videos 
Ad Unlimited Videos to your ad for just $0.95

Litter Posting 
Create litter ad that stands out in search results just for $3.95/30 days. Free litter option is included with gold subscription. 

ID Verification 
Verify your account for just $3.95 one life time fee and unlock on paid ad features. See more on ID Verification.

You can choose as many paid features as you would like to purchase for your ad. The more features purchased, the more visibility it will get! This can help you get more responses and quicker results for your ad.  

Note: prices may change at any time.

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