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Suspected Scam Emails

Suspected Scam Emails

This is a listing of potential scam emails submitted by our users (both buyers and sellers). Use this as a general guideline, and if you should receive an email from a buyer or seller that you feel is potentially a scam trap, please let us know using our Contact Us form. 

Buyer Emails 

Thanks for the swift reply. I am still interested in buying it as I am
satisfied with the conditions because i read thru the AD..I will make
my payments with a certified check and Also I will be responsible for
the pick up when check clears. Kindly get back to me with below information 
in order to avoid any delay as i dont want to loose the item.

Name to be on the check.
Address to mail the payment to. (NOT P.O.BOX)
Phone number both land and mobile.

As soon as the information is been supplied,I will give you an update on
the payment as i dont want any delay in getting the puppy.. I will be 
highly grateful if you can withdraw the ad from the site and make 
me your favorite buyer.

Also,I will like to inform you that the payment check will include 
both your charges and the shipping fee.This is how it will go. As 
soon as the check clears in your bank,You will deduct your charges 
and keep the difference to the shipping agent that will come to 
your home door step to get the puppy from you and you will help 
me pay them at the point of pick up in person, so the puppy will 
get to is destination.
Please let me know if you will still sell for me as i will need to 
confirm this before the payment is been mail out to avoid any 
inconvenience,Reply me with the details to make payment to if 
you are okay with it..

	I was just about to make the payments when i had this little problem 
	with the picking up of theitem, as i explained earlier that i am on 
	sea and i tried to book pick up with my pick up agent, but they 
	asked me to pay first before they can make the booking, and they 
	only accept western union money transfer for payments and they 
	don't accept pay pal or bank transfer and I tried to send the 
	money online but i could not and I am on sea and there is no 
	way i can find a western union agent to make the transfer to my 
	pick up agent, I'll like to know if i can be able to entrust 
	those funds in your possession you'll be sending them the funds, 
	so i wanted to ask if it was okay for me to include my pick up 
	agent's fees in the payments I am about to send through PayPal,my 
	pick up agent charged $570 plus insurance and all of that,this I 
	would have done myself and not bother you but for the fact that I 
	am currently on sea Please let me know as soon as possible.I will 
	more than appreciate if you mail me back, and I will be making the 
	payments shortly.

PS:the shipping company's Head quarters is in usa and any pick up fees 
to be paid is sent to their head quarters by the payee, so the money 
for pick up will be sent to their head quarters in usa through western 
union money transfer(this can be done from any post office) or you can 
do it online at www.western


Hello Dear
Thanks for the Warm Heart reply , I need the Puppy on my Farm and i
Promised she will be treated with Care and Promised me that you will send me 
pics of the Puppy every month so you can be sure we are really Taking
Care of the Puppy, anyway i am Okay with any Price and the present
Condition of the Puppy , and as for my Location i need on my Farm in UK and i 
left Canada last week so i am so sorry i can't make it back for now but with 
what i saw on the site its the perfect Puppy i am Looking for so Hope you Okay with this .
On the payment i am Making the Payment via Certified Cashier check
or Money Order , so I am hoping you okay with this cos its the safest
and fastest of means paying you . .
I will instruct my Accountant to issue out payment as soon as
possible so i will be need the following infos from you so payment can
be sent out to you...
Please i will need the following full data's from you.
Name to be on the cheque:
Full Address:
Postal Code:
Telephone number (Cell,Office,Home):
Total Amount to be paid for the Puppy you giving me :
Kindly get back to me with the infos today as i can not wait to have
it with us here in Our farm and as soon as you get the Cheque Kindly
email me back.
Thanks and Best of Regards .

I came across your advert listing, on, and I'm highly 
interested in the advert for the [Product Name], you place 
there.Though I read about it but can i still have more informations about 
this wonderfull item. To signify your interest in selling this item to 
me, do get back to me with your final asking price,your payment 
method(money order or cashier check). I'll also need a name and 
address which the draft could be issued or made payable to, as the 
cashier check, would be sent via the courier air mail.
Please note that the payment for shipping and insurance is also 
included in this draft,and should be forwarded to my shipping company,after 
deducting your own agreed final price, pending the date they will be coming 
for the pick up of the item.Consequently,i'll appreciate it so much if i 
could have some more pictures of this item and further know the present 
condition of the item as at today.
I can be reached via my email

This is to notify you that the deposit for the puppy boarding have been 
mailed to you.My puppy will be arriving on the _____ of ______. Be expecting 
the delivery today.Their is a little error with the payment made. Certified 
check of $3,800 was mailed instead. You are to deduct deposit of $300 for 3 months 
board. I will instruct you on what to do with the balance when the check 
clears. I am really sorry for the mixed up.

I will like to inform you about the payment delivery via fedex service,I contacted my dient this
morning again and he assure me that is going to be delivered to you today and i want you to
get the check cash from your bank outlet as soon as you receive it and get your item fee
deducted from the check and send the execes fund back the shipping company information
that is below via western union and use part of the money to pay for the western union fees as
we have stated before and the shipping company will also email you as well.
Also concerning the pickup,we will need the pickup address from you,where the item is going
to be picked up,also the scheduled time we can come for the pickup.I'm are really sorry for any
inconveniences this might have caused you and i hope my dient enjoy it.

As soon as you send in the money i will like you to get this information send to me such as:

Seller Emails 

Hello [  ], due to my hearing impaired, how is it to purchase this puppy f
or my daughter in Nebraska? Send me an email to my email address {        } 
to let me know your total asking price excluding shipping as my shipping company 
will be taking care of the proper hauling and pickup of the puppy to its destination in 
Lincoln, NE as soon as the payment sum is received and then my shipping company crew 
should come for the view. Also let me have your full address contact to have my client 
write a combined check payment for you and my shipping company. This is urgent and you 
have to get back to me on time. Thanks for keeping the transaction.

Best Regards

First of all I have to tell you that I can't use the phone due 
the casino policy. Here on the cruise ship, the dealers have 
prohibited to use the phone. The trailer is already at the 
shipping company in Jackson, MS ready for the shipping.The 
shipping process will take between 4-6 days, depending on your 
location. I have a contract with Google Checkout so this deal 
must go through them.
As I said in the first email I work as a casino dealer on a 
cruise ship and I can't meet you or bring you the trailer, 
so that's why I am using a shipping company.
Since this is an online transaction I wanted the both of us 
to be safe so for this deal I am using Google Checkout , and 
that means that you have 5 days from the time you receive 
the trailer to inspect it and decide if you want to keep it or not.
Here is how it works:
1.First of all I will need the following details from you:
- Full Name
- Full Shipping Address
2. After I will receive the details from you, I will forward 
them to Google Checkout.
3. After they will process your info, they will send us both 
invoices.Your will make the payment to Google Checkout and the 
funds will be 100% insured by Google Checkout.
4. Google Checkout will contact me and I will ship the trailer 
to you. After you receive the trailer you will have 5 days to 
test, verify and do whatever you need to the trailer.If you 
will buy it, then I will receive the payment from Google 
Checkout. Please take into consideration that I will get 
paid only after you receive the trailer and make sure 
everything is as agreed.
5. If you will decide that you will not buy it, Google 
Checkout will refund you and I will have the shipping 
company come pick up my trailer.

If you wish to make the transaction, please send me the 
necessary info so that we can proceed.

Thanks very much for getting back to me with the answers to my
questions He is very Gentle and Calm , all i want is a good and Caring
Home for him. Since you are Okay to have him Shipped and Delivered
Over to your Home then I can arrange for the Home delivery of the
Dog to delivered Over to your your home tomorrow . . They are the
best and Number (1)fast Pet Transport Service . You will have to
email me back your full Delivery Information which i shall use at the
Transport company to get the Dog Registered for the Home delivery to
your home at the Transport company tomorrow Morning . I shall also
require your Full shipping details to do some change of Ownership
papers of the Dog from my names to your names and all that will be
done at the Transport company Tomorrow when i book the delivery
reservation for the Dog ..

You have to email me back with your full Delivery Details as below :

Your Full Names ....................
Home Address .........................
City / State ..............................
Zip Code ..............................
Phone Numbers ......................
Occupation ..............................
Email address ..........................

As soon as i get all this Information from you , i will drive [Dog Name] to
the Transport company tomorrow and have him registered for a Home
delivery to your Home . As soon as we are done with the registration,
the Transport company shall contact you in regards to the delivery
notification of the Dog to your Home and how you shall be making the
upfront payment of $600 to them so that they can rent a float where
the Dog will be kept in during the Transportation process . So
that's all you will be required to pay as i stated on my first email
.The Transport company also have to provide a Home delivery Card for
the Dog which will be for driving directions of the Dog to your
Home address so that means they have to attached your full names and
address on the Home delivery Card . The Home delivery card will be **
pending ** Until after payment confirmation before the HOME
DELIVERY CARD will be ** Activated ** for the Delivery to Proceed to
your Home . So i want you to understand that you are making payment
before delivery . I will email you more Information when i read back
from you with your full delivery details .
Thanks and hope to hear from you asap ....

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