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How Do I Extend Ad

Extend your ad, if you want to add more time before your ad expires

To Extend your listing:
1. Login to your Verified account
2. In the MY ADS section click the MANAGE AD(s)
3. Locate your ad and click on the MANAGE button
4. In the AD DURATION section click on the EXTEND AD button
5. Confirm your selection by clicking on "Extend Ad" button in the popup page
6. Pay for selected upgrade option(s) at the checkout page


To Extend your ad in the LEGACY LAYOUT:
1. Login to your Verified account
2. Scroll down to the Active Ads section 
3. Click on the title of the ad you would like to renew
4. Select the Extend option from the dropdown menu and follow the directions in the dialog box that appears on the right.

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