How to Add, Remove, Delete Favorites

"Favorites" FAQs

Do I need a account to create My Favorites list?
  • No. You do not need account in order to create a Favorites list.
How do I add listing to my Favorites?
  • Simply click the red heart icon located next to a listing. 
  • In Puppyspin - use "I like" button to add listing to "My Favorites".
How many listings can I keep in my Favorites list?
  • You can have unlimited listings on your Favorites list.
Where do I access the listings on my Favorites list?
  • Your Favorite list is accessible from the Favorites link on all pages of the site located under search field in top right corner.
How do I share my Favorites?
  • To share the listings in your Favorites list, click the "My Favorites" link. Click Email list button in the right corner of the Favorites list , enter at least one recipient email address and click Send.
How do I un-favorite a listing?
  • From your Favorites page simply click the "X" icon next to the listing. You can then un-select the listing from your favorites list. 
  • The same steps can be taken from the listing page and from the search results page by clicking on "Like this listing icon". 
How do I delete one of my Favorites?
  • From the Favorites tab, click the X next to the Favorite you want to delete. 

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